Populism: Between Resentment and Resistance - Faculty Conference

21okt2017 10:00 - 18:00


The recent rise of populist parties and movements on both sides of the Atlantic has attracted a lot of public and scholarly attention. Within our faculties a considerable body of research has been conducted regarding the nature of populism. This conference will bring together the rich and diverse expertise at our Campus and will share and discuss scientific insights with students, journalists, politicians and concerned citizens. 

Research has been conducted on its ideological orientation and emotional underpinnings, its support among various sections of the population, its electoral performance and experience in government, as well as on developing forms of resistance against its growing political influence. 

This conference is organized because of the scientific importance and societal relevance of the topic, but also to celebrate the fact that the three faculties - the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Law - will all have moved to the Roeterseiland Campus. Faculty members are invited to submit their idea for a presentation or panel. 


The programme of the day will consist of keynotes, panels, round table, lunch and a reception and will take place at our Campus. The day will start around 10.00 with the first keynote and end at 17.30 with a reception in De Brug. During the panels FMG, FdR en FEB colleagues are invited to present and discuss their expertise and work in short (10 minute) presentations. These presentations should relate to the covering theme Populism, but can address it from many perspectives (relevant for you as researcher or research group). We invite research on populism related themes in settings around the world, not just in Europe and North America.


The first keynote lecture will be delivered by Katherine Cramer, professor in the political science department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and director of the Morgridge Center for Public Service. Her keynote will be based on her latest book The Politics of Resentment, the result of almost a decade of studying political attitudes in rural Wisconsin. Cramer will compare her US study and data to the European context.

The second keynote is delivered by Brigid Laffan, director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute in Florence. Laffan studies the theme of  Populism in relation to the future of the EU. See her recent interview on the French elections.


All are invited to attend the conference. Registration for the conference will start in July. For questions please refer to: k.kraal@uva.nl

Submitting an idea for a presentation/panel 

Faculty members who are interested in presenting their work, please let us know latest 3 July. You can suggest a panel with your colleagues (panels can be mono- or interdisciplinary) or you can suggest a single presentation which we will use to compose a panel. We only need a title, a few sentences on the topic and name(s) of speaker(s). Papers are not needed. You can send the information to Karen kraal, k.kraal@uva.nl


Roeterseiland Campus, Amsterdam


The one day conference on Populism: Between Resentment and Resistance is organized by the FMG faculty professors Jan Willem Duyvendak, Reinout Wiers and Jonathan Zeitlin.

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