Associations between mineral and organic soil constituents

Earth Sciences

21Nov2017 14:00 - 15:00

PhD defence ceremony

The bioavailability and dynamics of soil organic matter (SOM) depend largely on associations with mineral particles. However there is no consensus on the formation, composition and structure of the mineral-organic associations (MOAs). A multilayer conceptual model was proposed ten years ago to clarify the role played by SOM and minerals in the formation of MOAs and visualise their spatial structure. To test his model, JiaJia Gao carries out batch-adsorption experiments using well-defined soil minerals and natural organic compounds

J. Gao: Interactive Adsorption of Phenolic Acids and Amino Acids on Soil Minerals: Implications for the Formation and Properties of Soil Mineral–Organic Associations. 


Prof. P.C. de Ruiter

Prof. K. Kalbitz


Dr B. Jansen


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