UvA Minors Fair

11 April 2019

Do you know which minor you would like to do? Start exploring your options at the Minors Fair. Get to know the people behind the minors, ask all your questions and discover which minor is the best fit.


Registration is not yet open for the 2019 Minors Fair. Leave us your details and we will inform you when you can register for the upcoming Minors Fair.


  • You can chat with lecturers, students, study advisers and careers advisers, and ask all your questions about course content and entry requirements.
  • You can also attend short presentations (pitches) about various minors
  • Enjoy a snack while you get to know all the minors that are on offer next year.

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Why choose a minor?

  • To expand your breadth of knowledge by choosing an interdisciplinary minor or a minor in a different field.
  • To increase your depth of knowledge by choosing a specialised minor in your field.
  • To prepare for the process of choosing a Master’s programme.
  • To start thinking about your options after the Bachelor’s programme.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

12 June 2018