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Get ready to develop your idea into a business plan and to give a convincing pitch in one day!

Detail Summary
Datum 18 oktober 2018
Tijd 09:00 - 16:00

In this one-day course we will take you through all the steps to bring your idea or research project to the market. In the morning you will work on developing your idea or research project into a business case. We will show different models for bringing your idea further: What are the benefits? Which problem will you solve for whom? And how do you organise your valorisation activities?
Theory and actively working on your case will be alternated.  

You will get insight in what stakeholders are looking for, and how to prepare yourself to enter into dialogue with them. Also how to map and activate your network will be addressed.

Training presentation skills

In the afternoon you will learn to attract attention for your idea/ research project and to yourself in network situations. You will be able to practice your elevator pitch and learn how to be more effective in making contact with companies or at a conference.

During this day you will meet professionals active in entrepreneurship and valorisation and guest-speakers. The exchange with other participants will provide inspiration and a learning effect.


How do make your idea concrete?
Which problem will you solve for whom? And what is necessary to turn your idea into a commercial or societal application? You will work on your own idea with support of experts.

How to make successful collaboration a successful endeavor?
In this session you will learn what is needed to get profit and non-profit organizations interested to invest further in your research and bring it to the market.

Presentation skills in network situations

  1. Elevator pitch: your key message in 30 seconds: get to the core of your story.
  2. Making contact: How do you present yourself and take initiative in contact with companies or during conferences.

Date and location

Date: Thursday 18 October from 9:00 to 16:30, welcome with coffee and tea from 8:45.
Location: VU Campus main building, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam, Agora room 5 on the 3rd floor. Please take the elevator or stairs to 3rd floor. 

For whom?

The workshop is for all scientists of Amsterdam UMC, UvA, HvA and VU. To participate fully in this workshop, you preferably have a concrete idea or research project at hand. You can submit your idea by filling out the registration form. It is also possible to register with a co-worker to submit a joint idea.

Number of participants

There is room for 10 participants. Participation is free of charge, but given the limited number of places, 'no shows', without timely cancellation, will be charged with the cost of the workshop (€ 200, -). Cancellation is possible until 11 October.

Your trainers

  1. Ronald Mooijer, business developer at IXA HvA
  2. Diane Schöller, business developer at IXA VU-VUmc

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If you want to join this workshop please complete the registration form.
For more information please contact Caroline Kleine Staarman at 020 - 59 86 916 or c.kleinestaarman@ixa.nl.

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